Hear From our Customers…

“Chocolate Feed has replaced cottonseed for us – at a significant cost savings, while raising our fat and protein levels, and without sacrificing milk production. We could not be happier with the product.”

– Dennis Underwood, East River Dairy, Cortland, NY

“We started feeding Candymeal, and instantly saw a $1.22/cwt increase in our component values for our Jersey herd. I wish we would have started feeding this months ago.”

– Ryan Clark, Windy Lane Jerseys, Tyrone, PA

“We have been incorporating Graybill products into our rations for over 4 years now, and have been very pleased with milk and milk component production at a reasonable cost.”

– John Rapp, Rapp Dairy Nutrition, LLC

“We have been using Candymeal for 20 years as a method of stretching our homegrown corn inventory. We highly value this product as we are confident that each load will be consistent every time.”

– Nissley Bros Feedlot, Mt. Joy, PA