From Excess to Exceptional:

AmpliSource High-Energy Feeds


We provide quality resources to livestock producers and feed suppliers.

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A Sustainable Food Chain Solution For All

Advantages for Farmers

  • Highly quality, high-energy nutritional feed
  • Comes in the form of pellets or calf starter
  • Bin-friendly and easy to store

Advantages for Manufacturers

  • Reduces environmental footprint
  • Cost-effective byproduct management
  • Everything we do is customized to your needs

Our Efforts Have Helped Save:

Enough energy to heat and cool nearly 1,000 homes.

More than 4.2 million propane cylinders.

More than 16,500 mature trees.

Enough fresh water for a city of 45,000.

Nearly 11.5 million gallons of gasoline.

More than 300,000 miles driven by passenger vehicles.

How We Turn Excess into Exceptional

Step One

We gather residuals like chocolate, pasta, cereals, crackers, cookies, bread, sugars, nuts, raw ingredients, and more* from our manufacturing partners.

Step Two

We remove and aggregate your byproducts using our best-in-class service, transportation, and equipment. This can be scheduled or whenever you need it.

Step Three

To create high-energy feed ingredients or valued compostable material, we process, de-package, and mill the residuals through our proprietary blending process.


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